Saturday, May 29, 2010

No NYX/Sleek/Bare Escentuals? Elianto Saves the Day!

This next post was supposed to be my follow up on the Ever Bilena eyeshadows, but after having purchased something ultimately special today at SM Mall of Asia, I could not help but move this review up to the front of the line.  I continuously share the same feelings of frustration that Filipina makeup lovers/enthusiasts have, which is that certain highly recommended imported, affordable eyeshadow brands like NYX from the U.S. and Sleek makeup from the U.K. are not readily available in retail locally except maybe through individual sellers/dealers.  Who knows, perhaps it's better that they aren't.  Maybe this is a chance for high caliber Asian brands to step up to the plate.  Brands like Elianto which is a Korean brand distributed in our region by Malaysia.  You might possibly squeal at the deal and quality I got from Elianto.  This is my first ever purchase from them, two single pearl shine eyeshadows, one in #08 Aquamarine and the other in #21 Princess Plum which is more like a cranberry cocoa shade than plum to me.  Happy happy joy joy, there is also a separate matte shadow range, but I exercised restraint for today, I will blog about the matte eyeshadows in a separate post.  One single Elianto eyeshadow costs Php150.00 (USD $3.50).  The pan is about 1.5 inches in diameter (bow to them, MAC).

I find that from all the swatches, both photo and video, that I've seen online of both NYX and Sleek products from various gurus and enthusiasts, Elianto I believe is Asia's close version of those brands.   I so hate that I didn't take photos in the Elianto store, but I didn't want to have to cunningly dodge the mall's security staff.  Here is a totally awesome thing about the packaging, the pans of product come glued to thin disposable plastic trays from which theyare easily removed, goodbye stressful de-potting, hello easy collecting.  Elianto also sells 4 slot palettes for Php 150.00 if you want to collect 4 single shadows straightway (might I suggest 2 pearl shine, and 2 matte ^v^)  I can't wait to fill my soon-to-arrive organizing palette with these! getting ahead of myself.
08 Turquoise

21 Princess Plum

Finally, the best part of everything wonderful about this, drumroll for the payoff please...........the finger swatch
Oh my, a blue that actually comes out blue, the way it looks in the pan!  The color was actually even deeper than it is in this photo!  Non-chalky, velvety smooth, 2 finger swipes back and forth for each shade and they don't rub off like powder when you run your other hand over them.  I have 1 trio of Nyx eyeshadows from an aunt of mine and these are like the exact same quality only better because they're less powdery and don't break easily (I dropped the Turquoise one in Red Mango as we were eating frozen yoghurt and nothing happened...time stopped).  My friend Kikayrunner was with me and she said "Wow, it didn't break!"
These eyeshadows are absolutely my favorite find for the month of May.  I was told by the Elianto saleslady that they also have a branch in Greenbelt 5.  Their product range includes makeup, skincare, body care and nail care.  They also had a mineral makeup line at the helm of their in-store center display.  A little time on your feet outside with friends can certainly bring unexpected bargain finds your way.  It's nice when every once in awhile you stumble upon something you think is too good to be true...and it truly is good.  Let's see if an FOTD with these reveal if the worn wonderful payoff can stay for a number of hours.



Donna Simpao said...

When will you try them on your eyes so we may have a look? Avail only in MOA and GB 5?

JuliaBee said...

Hopefully tomorrow, Tita, I'll be able to try the shadows on myself. I had a really jam-packed weekend and my eyes have dark circles and are so sleepy. Attended a fashion show on Saturday then did makeup on some friends for a Batangas Sta. Cruzan procession scorching hot weather..