Friday, May 14, 2010

An Intro to Ever Bilena, Bili Na!

Fellow Filipinas, who would have thought?  I popped into Mercury Drug last week, (the Philippines' biggest and most common drugstore/convenience store) while waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.  I drifted nearby the Revlon counter inside Mercury only to be disappointed and not surprised that the only product available so far from the Photo Ready line was the face powder.  I hadn't planned to purchase anything,  I just wanted to see what they might have had.  Such is the horrid case in 3rd world countries, where the newest thing out is usually last season's leftovers from the more developed nations.

Out of curiosity and a bit of shame (that I never bothered to check out local stuff while getting all googly-eyed over  imported beauty products online) I decided to give a shelf with insanely cheap Ever Bilena products some of my undivided attention.  "Allergies!" screamed a voice at the back of my head but then I decided to stop being pretentious and give these a shot.  I had never given local stock a chance to win me over.  This is just a preview of the next product I'm going to be blogging about, which is their 12-shade eyeshadow palette P145.00 (approx. USD $3.00) and mascara priced at P98 (approx USD $2.00) .  As you can see, I did a partial FOTD.  I apologize for the awful lighting, it's so hard to get good strong light anywhere in our house at night.  I will add a closed eye shot in my follow-up article, multiple looks using the diff colors and hand swatches as well with my opinion on the shadows and their quality.

This is not yet the complete article on the product anyway ^v^  Just something to spark interest.  I believe local products can be worthy of our attention.  Products used:  Ever Bilena 12 Eyeshadow Palette, Ever Bilena Superlash Mascara, Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Liquid gel liner.



Donna Simpao said...

Nice eye! hopefully no allergies after hours of use and hopefully it stays the way it is (as in the photo) for a couple of hours. Update us on how it felt and stayed.

Donna Simpao said...

Bile Na...!