Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rainy Day NOTD: My 1st Try at Nail HeArt (test)

Ever since I tried the Del Sol  Sun Activated color-changing polishes my love for nail color was rekindled.  For today's NOTD I experimented for the first time with  cut-out scotch tape stencils and using the Del Sol "Pretty In Pink" polish for the heart. 

If you're going to try this, once I post a tutorial after a better attempt, I would preferably use 3M's Magic Scotch Tape, the kind with a matte surface, for minimal damage to the polished nail upon removal and easy stencil cutting/punching.  I made a huge mistake in using cheaper scotch tape.  This is what I should have used.
Here's a look at my base color, China Glaze's Platinum Silver.

This is a perfect high end silver shade for me, not too on the white side not too much grey either.  I wouldn't be crazy enough to purchase my own bottle of China Glaze polish ($5-$7 a pop!) unless they had mini bottles or if it was a shade that captivated me every single day because of its uniqueness.  This bottle of Platinum Silver belongs to Tinette & Co., a local Philippine salon located at Fort Bonifacio Global city.

I'm biased when I say they are the best, but even though I know I am, I'm still recommending them.  I've been going to this salon with my mother since I was 8 years old.  Tinette is a high-street salon, but the owner is a good family friend of ours and their people are top of the line and know every single thing that wants fixing when it comes to us.  So we never think of going anywhere else for our beautifying needs unless due to a sudden schedule constraint. 

I actually only managed to do 2 fingers for this first attempt just to test the idea, my thumb and index finger. but it was worth a try as long as I could talk about it, haha. This is not yet a perfect finish.  It's not even an ideal photo because the heart didn't go deep pink under an overcast sky.  I will do a "tutorial" once I've perfected the method.  Basically, it really just involves scotch tape, small scissors (I used the one with my mini Swiss knife), patience, and a steady hand.



Lipglossiping said...

That is insanely cute! What a fabulous idea too! I wish I could do nail art xx

JuliaBee said...

Thanks charlotte ^v^ It was kind of a funky 1st try. Will give it another go for better results...