Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NOTD Mutya Polish in Party in Manila

It actually looks more pastel than fluorescent in this picture.  Sorry bout the rough edges, I painted my nails at night and I was ever so sleepy, then I smudged my top coat, gah.  In person, this citrus shade is a shocker.  I purchased 2 bottles of Mutya nail polish in Tesoro's Boracay for Php 65.00 (yes they're distributed by Tesoro's which also has branches in Manila) one in a bright orange named Party in Manila and another a bright fuschia named Vinta which I will do an NOTD of next time.
and here's another shot without art directed lighting, indoors:
 What you're seeing is 3 coats, each thicker than the 1st respectively.  It glides on smoothly and doesn't dry unevenly, you might be frustrated with the lack of opaqueness though.  It looks opaque in the bottle which is a bit misleading.  With more patience and effort 3 coats can satisfy, or as I would suggest, a thin 1st layer of white nail polish to mute nail detail beneath then 2 coats of this.  My only major complaint would be that it isn't a completely opaque polish considering that the range is available in "Regular" as seen above, and "Glaze" shades which are deliberately more sheer.  Both the ones I purchased are the regular shades.  Overall for Php 65.00 (USD $1.50) I think it's pretty good.  What say you? ^v^