Sunday, March 28, 2010

Michelle Phan's fave - CVS Essence of Beauty brushes

Last week I received a package speedier than I expected from ebay!  Oh my, this is it...the wonder cheapie...

 Oh my goodness, these are the same brushes my idol (YouTube's #1 makeup guru) Michelle Phan uses!

Michelle Phan really made it clear that this is her
favorite blending brush for her base.
This is from her Purple Hazy tutorial
and her costume Geisha Tutorial.

She used this brush in a lot of her videos when she was just starting out as a makeup guru :) Here it is again in her Hippie Princess tutorial

In all their glory

I think what made her like these brushes a lot was that  even when if you consider that Essence of Beauty is a drugstore brand, this set is still made with authentic hair and fibers.

It says on the back of the reusable, resealable pack :)and yesterday I tried it on myself as I gussied up for my friend's bridal shower.  Really nice for blending concealer under the eyes and around the nose...I'm super happy I got this set.  Thanks, Michelle, for all that you share!



Anonymous said...

Hi Juliabee,

How much did you got this set of brushes at ebay? I tried searching for it, but I can't find it anywhere! Is there anymore instocks? Hope you could share.


JuliaBee said...

Hi Tia,

you didn't leave your email. Email me at and I will give you 2 links I found. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hi juliabee,

i have the same question of ms. tia, How much did you got this set of brushes? and where i can buy it?? please reply me to my email @

thanks and regards,


JuliaBee said...

Gren I tried your email, there seems to be something wrong with it, can you correct it please? You can email me at so I can just reply to your correct email.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how much you got the set for and where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

My email is
by the way.
thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

i also wondering how much u get it and can u give me the link.. my email:

Anonymous said...

hey ,pls tell me where you got and and how much you paid for it. thanks

email me pls at

Steppebreathe said...

Hi, JuliaBee.
Tnx for such an informative post.
I subscribed to your blog and find it really interesting :)
Just have a question - can you please give me a link where you have bought those awesome brushes and prica tag? Tnx in advance, my email is