Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lip Lovin' Lanolips - My first review

(picture taken from Lanolips' Facebook wall)

Ah! So here I am having promised the people at Addicted 2 Lipbalm, a lip-care specialty store in Australia that I would share a few of my thoughts on my very first online purchases from them: Lanolips lip ointments. Here in the spotlight is Lanolips' highly acclaimed (as featured within the pages of In Style) 101 Ointment - Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin.

So first off, what is Lanolin? According to the online Encyclopedia Britannica, it is:
"a purified form of wool grease or wool wax (sometimes erroneously called wool fat), used either alone or with soft paraffin or lard or other fat as a base for ointments, emollients, skin foods, salves, superfatted soaps, and fur dressing. Lanolin, a translucent, yellowish-white, soft, unctuous, tenacious substance, is readily absorbed by the skin and thus makes an ideal base for medicinal products intended to be absorbed."  A note to some, it would be wise to know whether you are allergic to lanolin or not because a few people are.  It's always good to be safe :)
I heard about Lanolips from acclaimed UK Beauty Blogger Charlotte on her site Lipglossiping.  In ultra medical grade form Lanolin is pure and good as a skin emollient.  I've tried their 101 lip formula and their tinted formula in Dark Honey, which is the sheer shade closest to my lipcolor. 

 (left to right: rose, apples, sunshine, and dark honey)

 I was extremely satisfied with Lanolips especially because I found myself not having to reapply till the end of the day unless of course I ate greasy food.  My lips didn't crack and flake like they usually do, and even if they did bleed like before from excessive dryness, it would've been safe to reapply Lanolips because of its healing properties.  I for one love that it eventually is absorbed by the lip after several minutes upon application and the product doesn't just sit greasy on top of the surface, plus all you need is a tiny bit.  It's highly concentrated.  A little goes a  long way :)

The fine print on the back of Lanolips' 101 formula tube reads:

"Lanolips 101 Ointment

Ingredients: 100% Ultra-refined Medical Grade Lanolin 
  • The purest medical lanolin
  • 100% natural and pure
  • Vegetarian and newborn friendly 
  • Animal cruelty free 
  • Ultra-hygienic and irritant free
  • Holds 200% of its own weight in moisture
  • Major ingredient used in wound-healing and hospitals.
  • Lanolips has 101 uses including chapped lips, nursing nipples, cuticles, 
  • dry nasal passages, severely dry, cracked &itchy skin & more."

I am based in the Philippines, so I was able to obtain my purchase through a family friend who visited Australia for around 2 weeks.  In fact we hit a bump in the road when I gave the guys at Addicted 2 Lipbalm the wrong shipping address ( the house number was wrong by 1 digit) and the package got returned to sender.  Thankfully it did and the store people gave me a chance to fix the error, they were so nice to me as a 1st time customer and resent the package to the right address at no extra cost provided that I give feedback on the products I purchased.  Lanolips is great and Lady Lamb's red pout makes me smile every time I see her face.



Jhezzie said...

Hi there! I just wanted some help. I have been looking for Lanolips 101 Ointment and couldn't find one. Only in your blog i discovered that it was not available in the Philippines. Can you help me how to obtain it? please.. i really badly needs your help. I have an extreme dry lips and its ruining my life! I hope you could be my savior. I will be grateful for it.Tnx a lot. Heres my cel no. and yahoomail add 09195581535

pls. contact me! I believe that you are kindhearted and will do me a favor..GodBless..

JuliaBee said...

Hi Jhezzie I just emailed you :)