Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amen! I won in the Lanolips Contest Giveaway!

I woke up from a nap and checked my email and holy WOW!  I received one of the best facebook messages ever from Lanolips :)

"Lanolips Lip Ointment March 29 at 11:32am

You've won a Lanolips Rhubarb and 101 Ointment set.
Please let us know where to send your prize to. It will be put in the post this week.

Lady Lamb x"

This was my winning entry :

Lady Lamb
143 PuckerPout Rd.
Fleeceville, Lanolips Land... See More

Dearest Lady Lamb,

I have a beauty problem that perhaps someone as pretty as you can help me with. I adore your kissable lips but just can't seem to keep my own as healthy in a frequently air-conditioned environment at work, where I work 18 or sometimes up to 20 hours a day on some occasions as a visual effects compositor/animator. My boyfriend is also in the same department so I like to keep myself pretty and fresh even under pressure.

I have all my beauty essentials and toiletries on hand, because sometimes we stay over at work due to intense projects, and under stress my lips always chap, flake, and bleed. I refrain from putting other products on once my lips have been wounded, because I don't know if they will help heal them or infect them.

But Lo and behold I go online and see your pretty face, with those Garbo-esque eyes and perfect lips and I think you've got something more for me, something I've been needing all these years that is not available in this faraway land.

Please help me, Lady Lamb. Send me your not-so-secret secret, and I will be forever grateful.

Smoochingly sincere,

(26 Manila, Philippines)

Today feels like Christmas.  I'm so thankful Lady Lamb gave me something to blog about today :) I love looking forward to receiving things in the post.  This sooo made my day :)  Here below are some soft lips I digitally painted in Photoshop using my pen tablet from before, I post them as a big thank you to Lanolips, sorry they're not colored yet...