Sunday, June 6, 2010

Comic Relief: The Face Shop Maskerade


Oh yes, rejuvenating masks by The Face Shop, which is a South Korean bath, body, and cosmetics brand that was birthed in 1962.  Before talking about that, I'd like to give a brief foreword.  I've always been thankful for my generally clear complexion, kudos to the God who made me and my great great Japanese grandmother for handing down the cosmic skin genes, thanks Lola!  Hooray for healthy skin!  If ever there is something I'd complain about when it comes to my face it would be its sensitivity and well, my dark eye circles, but that's all I really battle with once in awhile, thankfully.

Are you stressed?  Haha, I thought today's product would be nice break from all the cosmetics we gush over that can sometimes leave our faces in protest.  Here are some cool (and you can make 'em really cool) facial masks by The Face Shop to help pamper your face on a weekend or after a hard day's work.  Note these are not exfoliating masks, they're aromatherapy, soothing, and moisturizing masks.  So if you're looking for the type of mask that's more likely closer to a cream or mud mask that's supposed to peel off impurities after, this isn't what you're looking for.

I entered The Face Shop outlet on High Street at Fort Global City and felt a little bad for the staff because I saw the bigger shop space closed further down that they had to give up for the current one they occupy.  Obviously, business didn't thrive but hey, good thing they were still there.  I browsed the shop counterclockwise, noting that there was a lot of stock on hand that, sadly for them, stayed in place for quite awhile (discolored boxes with worn edges, you get the idea) however, on the last two shelves was an impressive selection of facial masks with natural/organic variants, and the packaging didn't look old, they were probably what sold more continuously.  I gushed over the packaging all of which were really nicely designed, muted and minimal but eye-catching and very Asian.  I purchased 4 kinds for Php95 each.  I now have to show them to you again because I talk too much.

Above clockwise from left: Vita K Mask Sheet (with Seaweed properties for dark under eye circles), and Jasmine and Fennel Revitalizing mask , Cereal Rice Mask for soft clean skin, and the Vita E mask sheet with milk and egg properties.  mom didn't want to try because she probably didn't want breakfast on her face.  She chose the Jasmine and Fennel one.

I highly recommend refrigerating them overnight or for half a day, but make sure you store them out of the way of your normal ref stash, you wouldn't want to eat these by mistake.  In our case, I put them in the refrigerator the night before.

Essentially, they're like really large Wet Ones sheets with cutouts for the facial features.  Wash your face, use toner (optional), and you're ready to go.  It smells really, really good once you open the pack it's like instant aromatherapy.  It's cool when they're really cold (redundant tsk tsk) upon application on your face.  I can't help but rave about the layout for the packaging.  All the stuff written on it is well-placed and laid out, even at the back.

It's also wonderful to note that the Natural and Cereals mask collection are made with 100% natural pulp.  They also do a set of masks with synthetic fiber which is cheaper at Php65.00 per pack.

This is my mom, you see I still protected her identity.  One can't be too careful nowadays.   After you put the mask on you can leave it for 20 minutes and leave earth for awhile. 

The pack says to rub the excess liquid into your face when you've removed the mask.  I'd do that then still rinse my face with water after to leave that clean, fresh feeling on your face.   Used the rice variant on myself.  My skin felt soft, clean and smooth after.  I felt pore-happy.

 It's also fun to do it with a friend, instant comic relief.



maria rita cecilia said...

Thanks for the pampering mask, Jul. Maybe I should have worn something more spa-ish. Or maybe not haha. Hahappy weekend that was =) Salammmwaht.